Facebook Proxy

Website blocking became a reality in the early days of the internet as a tool for parents to control what their children could and could not see on the World Wide Web.  It soon spread to the workplace, schools, and public businesses that offered computer and internet access to their patrons (such as libraries or internet cafes).  Web proxies were not originally invented to circumvent website blockers, but the majority of proxies today exist for this purpose.  One of the most common uses for proxies is to log in to Facebook.  Listed below are five of the best and easiest proxy sites for Facebook.

#5 – The Obvious Choice

Just as the name describes, thefacebookproxy.com is a site specifically made to proxy facebook.  While it can be used to proxy other websites, its main advantage is the ability to easily log in to Facebook without worrying about being detected or tracked by system administrators.  Users can also trick the system into thinking they are using a different browser with this site.

#4 – Mobile Proxy Service

The site maverickeyes.com acts as an excellent mobile facebook login proxy.  It can access other non-mobile websites, but its layout and architecture are geared to service mobile devices.  Maverick Eyes runs off of the Glype proxy script.

#3 – More Control

Most Facebook proxy sites only provide the user with the option to enter a URL.  With avoidr.com, users can also choose which parts of the site they want to encode, as well as whether or not to disable scripts and embedded objects.  This is not only a useful Facebook proxy, but also a great way to view other websites (i.e. links found in a Facebook feed) without risk of popups, bogged down pages, and other annoying consequences of poorly managed scripts or objects.

#2 – Even More Control…  And Speed

 The secure and lightweight vtunnels.us is another Glype-based Facebook proxy that works wonders.  With this proxy, users can manage all of the previous options from Maverick Eyes, with the addition of blocking cookies and preventing images from loading.  This makes it possible to load a text-only version of Facebook – quite useful when attempting to prevent people in the surrounding area from identifying the website being used.

#1 – The Best

This website tops all other Facebook proxy sites.  With the tagline “more than just a proxy”, xroxy.com lives up to its claims.  This site acts as a functioning Facebook proxy login, while also providing the user with a number of tools.  Perhaps the most useful tool is the check-ip tool, which displays all of the information being sent to servers while using the proxy.  Xroxy is not a proxy server in itself, but rather manages a wide range of proxies and collects them in one convenient location.  To this end, users can quickly try another proxy if their first choice has been detected and blocked by the server administrator.