Facebook Proxy

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Facebook can be regarded as the social media revolution that has transformed social media to what it is today. Although before Facebook, there were a few social sites that allowed us to chat and network and find old friends, in retrospect, it doesn’t come anywhere close to Facebook.

Facebook addiction runs rampant because of its popularity and if for some reason you’re unable to access Facebook, you experience withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, don’t fret, this article will list 3 proxy sites that work like a charm and will enable you to access Facebook if it’s blocked.

1. Proxy Mice

Regarded as the best Facebook proxy login site, Proxy Mice provides an easy interface to work with, making it easy to access your account. Having their own designed interface gives the user the illusion that they are indeed on Facebook’s real site. Proxy Mice unlocks the site from anywhere, making it accessible from any nook and cranny of the world. Along with its wide reach globally, Proxy Mice is also well received for its secure login to avoid any malpractice.

2. Facebook Proxy

After Proxy Mice, Facebook Proxy is the next best site to use, to unblock and safely access Facebook. What Facebook Proxy essentially does is it bypasses the security check on the servers gaining easy access to your Facebook account. It’s one of the best ways to find a loop hole when the site is blocked.

3. Facebook Oxy

The special feature of Facebook Oxy is that is enables you to log in anonymously and filters out the personal information and bypasses the security easily, to help conceal your identity.

Now the next question is how to use these sites when you access it. It’s pretty easy, actually. Once you open any of the websites, in the URL slot, type in www.fb.com and watch as the magic unfolds. After the security has been bypassed and site unblocked, enter in your account details and enjoy!